The utilities sector in Saudi Arabia continues to transform in order to diversify the Kingdom’s energy mix. Saudi Arabia leads the world in the volume production of desalinated water and it is the largest desalination market in the world. Companies in the Saudi utilities sector continually deliver on their commitment to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, ensuring that all residents are offered efficient and high-quality energy and water services. In addition, the sector strives to develop greater diversification in the energy portfolio, including furthering renewable ambitions through increasing solar and wind capacity, and with the introduction of nuclear power.

Company Directory

Utilities Services

National Gas and Industrialization Co. (GASCO)


Sector: Utilities

Region: Riyadh

Contact info:

Waleed Alribdi

+966 556466660 / +966 1 1250 8433


Saudi Electricity Company


Sector: Utilities

Region: Riyadh

Contact info:

Ahmed Aljohari

+966 551635986 / +966 1 1807 7161


Real Estate Sector