Utilities Sector

National Gas and Industrialization Co. (GASCO)


National Gas and Industrialization Co. (GASCO)

  • www.gasco.com
  • Year company founded: 1963
  • Number of employees: 2,249
  • Market capitalization: SAR 2.28 billion

The National Gas and Industrialization Company (GASCO) contribution to Saudi Arabia is extensive. It sells, transports, distributes, and markets the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Moreover, it sells, transports, distributes, and markets gas cylinders and tanks filled and unfilled for wholesale or retail customers.

GASCO refills more than 100 million gas cylinders every year. Recently, its initiatives have shifted toward ones with outcomes that mirror the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, such as increasing the rate of gas utilization to boost local production. It has also received a platinum certificate (the highest available) for its success in employing Saudi nationals.

GASCO’s Saudi Exchange listing supports its commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance and implementing best practices, which enable it to protect the rights of shareholders and to strengthen its relationship with them and other stakeholders.

The company continues to build for the future. Its digital, operational, and commercial transformation programs aim to ensure regional leadership and the highest standards of service for the Kingdom’s gas market and best practices in areas that are intrinsic to the customer experience. In addition, it is working to increase its employees’ capabilities and efficiency to support the quality of its services.

Corporate social responsibility is an important priority for the company and initiatives have included a blood donation campaign for employees and support for creative programs for disabled children.

Annual strategy

In pursuance of its vision to be a leading company in gas solutions in the Middle East, driving the sector’s growth toward excellence and innovation, National Gas and Industrial Co. (GASCO) has developed a comprehensive and effective strategic action plan in 2017, while paying regard to the integration of effective investment in the gas sector and environmental conservation. GASCO’s mission is to provide safe, reliable and high-quality gas solutions to customers, to add sustainable value to shareholders, to take care of the environment and society, and to contribute effectively to the nation’s economy while providing a healthy working environment for the employees.

GASCO refills more than 100 million gas cylinders a year.

GASCO firmly believes in continuous development through strong partnerships in a fair competitive environment. To boost all the pillars of the strategy and achieve its vision, GASCO has developed four strategic transformation programs that have been approved and started to be implemented in 2018. In 2019, a remarkable progress has been made in the achievement of such transformation programs, which was as follows:


Operational Excellence (OE) Program aiming at making GASCO the Center of Excellence (CE) in the region, supporting the development and innovation, and providing smart solutions that ensure the sustainability of supplies and operational efficiency.


Commercial Transformation Program aiming at providing the best services and solutions required by the gas market in the Kingdom and working in a competitive market that achieves the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Digital Transformation Program (AFAQ) aiming at automating all procedures and processes in all sectors of the company. GASCO has adopted a package of projects that aims at developing security and safety systems in a line with the latest standards approved by and under the direct supervision of the High Commission for Industrial Security and by working with the best-specialized international and local companies. In addition, a package of projects that aims at improving and developing infrastructure and increasing storage capacity as well as updating and developing a fleet of vehicles and distribution trucks. The budget of those projects has exceeded half a billion riyals.


Human Capital Transformation Program aiming at raising the efficiency and capabilities of the GASCO’s employees in order to ensure the effective and high – quality performance of tasks and responsibilities. The program also aims at attracting the national unique talents that are able to contribute to the development process by following best professional practices.

GASCO has also drawn up a detailed marketing plan targeting individuals and entities in the public and private sectors. It includes the implementation of a set of initiatives and procedures that aim at raising the level of service and customer satisfaction level by providing high-value products, technical solutions that provide service easily and quickly, and achieve direct communication with customers and relentless focus on the customer’s opinion to promote our products and services.

Strategic Directions

  • Companies and partnerships.
  • Assets investments.
  • Excellence in operation.
  • Maximize the value added to customer.

GASCO Strategic Initiatives

  • Operational Excellence (OE) (Cost reduction and increased efficiency)
  • Digital Transformation Program (AFAQ) (Operations Automation).
  • Human Capital Transformation Program.
  • Commercial Transformation (Providing the best services and solutions that are required by the customer).

Main Pillars

  • To make use of the available opportunities in the gas field.
  • To develop the services and business regarding gas distribution.
  • To maintain the main activities

Enabling Factors

  • Health, safety, environment, and quality
  • Effective participation in the market formation.
  • Human Capabilities.
  • Technology Use.

Prominent programs and projects implemented:

Operational Excellence (OE) Program

The OE program includes raising operating efficiency and effectiveness by adapting resources management and resource waste minimization.

Commercial Transformation Program

The purpose of this program is to provide the best services and solutions as well as to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Digital transformation program (AFAQ)

All procedures and processes in all sectors are automated and completed in accordance with the highest international standards issued in the gas field.

Human Capital Transformation Program

The purpose of this program is to raise the job performance level and increase productivity, including the organizational structure restructuring according to the work requirements.

Production Lines Development Project

All the production lines in GASCO branches are developed in order for the cylinder productivity is increased and human intervention is reduced to raise the quality and safety of packaging.

Handling Zone Development Project

Stations for filling and unloading gas for tankers are established according to the highest standards of safety and security, automating the procedures and processes for filling as well as adding devices to measure gas levels according to the latest technology.

Underground (buried) Tanks Project

The strategic storage of GASCO is increased according to the international specifications and best practices for underground (buried) tanks.

Security System Development Project

An integrated security system is developed according to the latest specifications issued by the High Commission for Industrial Security to raise the security protection standards for each branch.

Firefighting System Development Project

The Firefighting System is updated according to the latest specifications issued by the High Commission for Industrial Security and international standards, in order to increase the safety standards for individuals and equipment.