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Arabian Centres (ACC)


Arabian Centres (ACC)

  • Year company founded: 2002
  • Number of employees: 595
  • Market capitalization: SAR 11.89 billion

Established in 2002, Arabian Centres Company (ACC) has been at the forefront of the Saudi market for organized modern retail space in the Kingdom. Its portfolio includes 21 world-class shopping centers with more than 4,000 operating units and extends across Saudi Arabia’s key urban geographies, covering 10 cities.

Faisal Al Jedaie

CEO of Arabia Centres Company

Faisal Al Jedaie, CEO of Arabia Centres Company CEO of Arabia Centres Company, said: “Our malls are lifestyle destinations. We continue to be the Kingdom’s leading owner, developer and operator of lifestyle centers due to our ability to understand the consumer’s needs and enhance their quality of life through excellent service and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.”

Saudi Arabia’s continuous growth and global presence is enhancing its business sectors', specifically retail, exposure to augment resources and optimize its capital structure. The Kingdom’s organized retail space remains relatively underpenetrated compared to regional and international peers. Al Jedaie sees an opportunity for ACC to capitalize: “As the only integrated retail platform in the Kingdom we expect the company to particularly benefit from the Saudi Exchange growing international profile, particularly due to the dynamism and rapid movement in the Kingdom’s leisure and entertainment spaces.”

While ACC’s primary objective is to be the leading developer-owner of shopping centers, Al Jedaie has three strategic goals to ensure sustainable, long-term value for all stakeholders: maximize returns from the existing portfolio by enhancing yields through efficiencies and innovation; expand its gross leasable area footprint by 60 percent; and grow in line with the goals of Vision 2030.

Al-Jedaie predicts a bright future for ACC: “Saudi Arabia and the wider region have a cultural predisposition toward shopping as a key leisure activity. We see a major opportunity here with the dynamism of the Saudi retail market and are fully committed to Saudi’s Vision 2030 to achieve its national objective of developing and promoting the leisure and entertainment sectors to the fullest”.

21World-class shopping centers

A main area of focus for ACC is digital innovation which includes the implementation and enhancement of the shopping experience to an online platform. The company aims to be the retail sector’s leader in the digital space, offering visitors a convenient and connected experience. Through the application of advanced technology to better understand a customer’s needs through shopping analytics and consumer behavior, ACC can use these detailed insights to advance the retail experience while also helping to inform its strategic investment decisions.

Additionally, maintaining sound corporate ESG practices is a key pillar of ACC’s strategy, and the company has made various commitments in support of these efforts, including supporting young Saudis with programs that provide employment opportunities. ACC’s current Saudization rate is above 70 percent, one of the highest rates within the Saudi real estate sector.

Al-Jedaie concludes: “Vision 2030 is perfectly aligned with our value proposition. Our mission is to provide them with a continuously improving visitor experience, to offer them new leisure experiences at our destinations and to constantly expand their scope of choice.”

Arabian Centers operates 21 lifestyle centers in 10 Saudi Cities

About Arabian Centres Company (ACC)

Arabian Centres Company (ACC) is Saudi Arabia’s leading owner, developer, and operator of lifestyle shopping centers. With more than 1.2 million square meters of gross leasable area, its locations host over 4,339 stores, representing 1,100 local and international retail brands. The company’s portfolio of 21 lifestyle centers covers 10 Saudi cities and over 60 percent of the Kingdom’s population, welcoming over 115 million visitors annually.

ACC is ideally positioned to capitalize on the rapid transformation of the Kingdom’s leisure and entertainment markets under Vision 2030. In 2019, it began to introduce cineplexes at its locations, with plans to roll out cinemas in 19 of its lifestyle centers by 2021, as well as its outdoors retail boulevard concept in Riyadh. Additionally, Vision 2030’s focus on Saudization, entertainment and mobility promise to boost accessibility to ACC’s lifestyle centers and drive growth in footfall.

ACC successfully concluded its initial public offering in May 2019. Its inaugural issuance of sukuk drew heavy international interest and was four times oversubscribed. ACC’s Investor Relations program is notable for high levels of transparency and communication striving to meet international best practices.

The company aims to implement world-class practices in Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), with plans to issue an ESG report in 2020. Its environmental protection efforts include the centralized collection and use of rainwater for irrigation at its centers; the installation of ecology filtration systems; the use of contaminant-free construction materials; and it also plans to add solar power to its energy mix.

Furthermore, in line with Vision 2030, ACC is proud of the growing role women are playing in its workplace, its efforts to help young Saudis enter the jobs market, and its work to spread health awareness, support Saudis with special needs.

Shaping organized retail in Saudi Arabia

Since 2002, Arabian Centres Company has been at the forefront of the Saudi market for organized retail space. For shoppers and tenants alike, Arabian Centres is synonymous with modern retail in the Kingdom.

With a portfolio of 21 world-class shopping centers, our reach extends across Saudi Arabia’s key urban geographies, covering 10 cities and over 60 percent of the Kingdom’s population. Its 1.2 million square meters of gross leasable area (GLA) is unmatched in scale. Whether retailers are seeking to extend their Saudi reach or to deepen their exposure to the Middle East’s most dynamic retail market, Arabian Centres believes brands choose it because it seeks mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and offers an unmatched level of service. With more than 4,000 operating units, its destinations serve over 1,100 local and global brands, including global household names in fashion, F&B, and entertainment.

Arabian Centres' destinations welcome tens of millions of shoppers each year. The company’s malls aren’t just shopping centers – they’re lifestyle destinations where families in Saudi Arabia spend quality time with their loved ones, enjoying access to a world-class variety of retail, leisure, and entertainment experiences. Countless memories have been made beneath ACC’s roofs, and the company is committed to ensuring that more are made each day. That’s why it is introducing one of the Kingdom’s largest network of cineplexes at its malls, and is continually reinventing the retail experience by pioneering new design concepts. The company is also investing in bringing the Arabian Centres experience to more communities across the Kingdom.

The company’s promise is to continue providing tenants and visitors alike with an unmatchable quality of service, while expanding the repertoire of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences at its destinations.

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A proxy to the Middle east’s most dynamic retail market

Saudi Arabia is at the epicenter of rapid development in the Middle East’s retail markets. Consumer demand from the Kingdom’s young and growing population of 32 million is driving retail growth, with over 65 percent of all retail sales in the GCC region completed in Saudi Arabia and a retail market double the size of the next largest. Although Saudi Arabia enjoys the largest population among the GCC countries, the Kingdom’s mall GLA per capita continues to lag regional peers and global benchmarks. Vision 2030 promises to further accelerate that growth with a key focus on developing the Kingdom’s leisure and entertainment sectors.

Arabian Centres is Saudi Arabia’s largest owner, developer, and operator of shopping centers, and a proxy of the strong growth potential of the Kingdom’s retail, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. ACC offers investors a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the Middle East’s most dynamic retail market, with the confidence gained through robust governance frameworks, high transparency levels, and efficient communication. The company’s world-class investor relations program and commitment to full disclosure offers investors unparalleled access to information, including through its roadshows, investor meetings, periodic reporting and analyst calls, and its best-in-class corporate and investor relations websites, all of which set the benchmark for outreach and investor engagement in Saudi Arabia’s capital markets.

The company’s goal is to offer investors sustainable value while ensuring they have a clear view of the forces shaping our dynamic market and ACC’s efforts to capture the opportunity.

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Taking sustainability seriously

Arabian Centres is committed to implementing global best practices in the area of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). We believe that the Saudi business community and private sector have a crucial role to play in ensuring that future generations inherit a healthy environment and an economy that provides equitable access to well-paying and fulfilling employment. The company wholeheartedly supports Saudi Vision 2030’s framework for transitioning the Kingdom to a sustainable energy system and generating inclusive economic growth. Arabian Centres shows that carrying out business responsibly isn’t just right – it’s profitable, too.

Conscious of the debt it owes to the communities which make its lifestyle centers the vibrant destinations they are today, the company has made great strides in conserving precious natural resources in its various locales. To lighten its carbon footprint, ACC has installed photovoltaic panels capable of providing an alternative energy supply at its malls. To conserve the Kingdom’s most precious resource, it has set up centralized reservoirs for the collection and recycling of rainwater. And an ecology filtration system is used at each F&B unit in its malls, which are constructed without the use of contaminating materials.

Saudi Arabia is a nation of youth. In accordance with the goals of Vision 2030, Arabian Centres does its part to encourage and develop this rising generation of Saudis. The company is proud to have one of the highest Saudization rates in the real estate sector. Its efforts don’t stop there – it teams up with regional authorities, government agencies, universities, and NGOs to put young Saudis across the Kingdom on fulfilling career paths. Arabian Centres also believes that education doesn’t end upon graduation, which is why the company has made a strong investment in workplace training.

Millions of Saudis step through Arabian Centres’ doors each year. As long as the company is in business, it is focused on doing its best to pay back their commitment.