United Wire Factories Co. (ASLAK)


United Wire Factories Co. (ASLAK)

  • Year company founded: 1990
  • Number of employees: 513
  • Market capitalization:  SAR 1.22 billion

United Wire Factories Company (ASLAK) specializes in manufacturing steel wire products, which are used across different sectors including industrial, construction, and civil usages. With eight factories located across the Kingdom, ASLAK has built a strong mix of national and international customers by delivering quality products and an establishing a genuine commitment to serving its customers.

Over the past 30 years, ASLAK acquired a large market share and gained a reputation as a market leader, increasing its capacity to be around 300,000 tons today. The company’s management team believes in setting ambitious targets and long-term strategies, leveraging their strong business know-how to create sustainable growth.

ASLAK’s focus extends beyond the manufacture of steel products to supply the local market, increase the diversity of its product range, and reach out to global markets. The company believes that this strategy will secure its position as an industry leader by reducing its vulnerabilities during down cycles, accentuating its advantages in up cycles, and enabling the creation of value – and the related rewards – for its stakeholders through business cycles.

Through strategic investment in technology and advanced manufacturing, ASLAK is putting the Kingdom’s steel industry on the global map. These investments enhance its profitability by focusing on three critical success factors: moving up the talent curve, moving down the cost curve, and winning in strategic markets.

Being a publicly listed company ensures that ASLAK’s governance capabilities conform to international standards. The company complies with EHS regulations, applies high standards for quality assurance, and undergoes continuous process and product improvements. The company’s employees are considered main stakeholders and have opportunities to continuously develop their technical, managerial, and personal skills.

ASLAK has a comprehensive corporate governance system that complies with the Capital Markets Authority’s (CMA) rules and guidance. As one of the leading listed companies in the sector, it believes that effective corporate governance will bolster its performance through disclosure and transparency, and create a strong work environment that will help it meet the expectations of all stakeholders.

As one of the leading Saudi steel wires producers, ASLAK is dedicated to both managing its operations responsibly and to constantly improving. The company is committed to designing more sustainable products that are better in quality, more durable and safer to use, all while making the most of its resources. The company is proud that its products have sustainable uses across various sectors.

ASLAK has always been quick to adopt new concepts that enhances its market presence and competitive edge. The company looks for ways to apply new concepts that improve its human capital capabilities, strengthen its partnerships and contribute to a safe and healthy environment and society.

ASLAK’s manufacturing capacity has increased to around 300,000 tons today