Saudi Cement Company


Saudi Cement Company

  • Year company founded: 1955
  • Number of employees: 800
  • Market capitalization: SAR 9.4 billion  

Saudi Cement Company has been a regional pioneer manufacturing and supplying of high-quality clinker and cement since its establishment in 1955, forming a vital link in the industry’s supply chain and supporting many construction projects in the Middle East for more than half a century.

Strategically located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an area rich in high-grade raw materials, Saudi Cement Company is a local industry leader in terms of efficiency, quality, and profitability. Trusted by end-users and contractors for its consistent quality, its products have been utilized for major highways, bridges, airports, seaports, railways, metros, and numerous housing and commercial projects.

Saudi Cement Company plant, located at Hofuf in the Eastern province approximately 120 kms from Dammam, consists of three kilns with an available combined capacity of 28,000 MT of Clinker, equal to 9.2 million tons per year, which is also equivalent to almost 9.7 million tons of cement annually and its products comply with all national and international standards “SASO, ASTM, BS and EN.”

Saudi Cement Company is highly capable in terms of Cement & Clinker exports (nearly three million tons annually, out of its 9.7 million tons total production capacity) with a state-of-the-art Export Terminal at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, a unique feature compared with other producers in the region. The Export Terminal is connected with Hofuf Plant (140kms) via railway, providing a reliable infrastructure to promptly transfer stock. This gives the company a competitive edge over other producers in the region and stretch for Cement & Clinker export opportunities throughout the global market.


Saudi Cement Company’s is a recipient of the prestigious King Abdul-Aziz Company Award and the Saudization Award, both won twice, and the Exporting Award.

Coverage & market share

Saudi Cement Company’s extensive logistics capabilities and infrastructure include road and railway transport and its own specialized port terminal, which gives the Company the ability to export Cement & Clinker throughout the world. The majority of Saudi Cements sales are generated locally and transported by road and railway in bags and in bulk to clients mainly in the Eastern and Central regions of Saudi Arabia.

3 million Amount of tons SCC exports annually

Saudi Cement Company’s local market share is one of the largest among the Kingdom’s cement manufacturers. Its major customers include distributors, ready-mix plants, block factories, contractors, and real estate developers.

About the sector

The cement sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered a vital sector for the Kingdom’s economy and development. There are now 17 companies operating in the sector distributed over various regions of the Kingdom, with 15 of them listed on the Saudi Exchange. Moreover, the total production capacity of these companies reached about 78 million tons of cement annually. As a result of growth in government spending over the past decades, the sector has expanded its production capacities to keep up with increased demand. Currently, national housing construction programs and other government-led programs and initiatives being delivered under the Vision 2030 plan are resulting in strong domestic demand for cement and the company expects to sustain its strong growth rate.

Saudi Cement Company is a local industry leader in terms of efficiency, quality, and profitability