Basic Chemical Industries Company (BCI)

High Quality Chemical Products

Basic Chemical Industries Company (BCI)

  • Year company founded: 1973
  • Number of employees: 358
  • Market capitalization:  SAR 917 millio

Basic Chemical Industries (BCI) is a group of six companies that has been supplying high-quality chemical products to the Saudi industrial and consumer markets since 1973. Its main activities relate to chlor-alkali, water treatment, industrial adhesives, polyurethane systems, sulphuric acid, and specialty chemicals. The business is particularly proud of its resilience during the economic recession, when it was able to maintain the supply of material and services for its partners and clients, all while generating continuous profits for shareholders.

From the outset, BCI has been ahead of the game in implementing and acquiring the latest industrial and support technologies to enhance productivity, reduce costs and environmental impact, and give the company a competitive edge.

For example, BCI introduced state-of-the-art membrane technology in 1983, becoming only the sixth company in the world to use this advanced, pollution-free technology that ensures pure and high-quality end products. It is currently introducing new technologies that combat climate change through the reduction of water and energy use, as well as investing in IT to streamline its business and give it access to live and accurate data across all of its facilities.

BCI is helping to achieve Vision 2030 by harnessing support from the government to grow the mining sector and develop non-oil experts, and helping to build partnerships with international technology providers in order to increase foreign direct investment.

The company’s social responsibility initiatives include supporting non-profits and providing opportunities for employees to get involved in the community, and it is focusing on creating a diverse workplace by increasing the number of women in its workforce.

What differentiates BCI

Having produced high-quality chlor-alkali products since 1975, BCI is differentiated by its expertise. From the outset, the company has expanded and innovated by adopting the latest research and production methods, an approach that has maintained the company’s position as the leader in its field. BCI has a team of highly trained and experienced technical and commercial staff that offer a wealth of knowledge and the ability to support customers before and after sales, regardless of what they may need.

BCI provides tailored consultation and services to its partners and clients to solve any issues and make sure their operations are optimized by using our chemicals.

The company offers technical assistance and advice on anything from correct chemical selection to application technology, health and safety, and disposal of chemical waste. Customers simply need to contact the qualified staff in their area. BCI takes pride in how its pool of trained chemists, qualified technicians, and experienced sales staff provides individualized customer service and offers prompt in-the-field service at all times.

BCI was only the sixth company in the world to use advanced, pollution-free membrane technology in its chemical plants

BCI group has a wide variety of products that have thousands of applications in the chemical industry. In addition to the marketing and distribution of BCI manufactured products and its trading business, the company also provides a worldwide product sourcing service for its clients either on a distributor or direct shipment basis. Rigorous evaluations of overseas suppliers’ commercial and product quality capabilities ensure that the customer’s delivery requirements are met in every respect, and on every occasion at minimum cost. It is the sole agent and distributor in the Kingdom for over 25 international chemical producers covering a wide range of commodity and specialty chemicals.

BCI’s location in the industrial hub of Saudi Arabia gives it proximity to its major clients in the oil and gas, industrial detergents, and water treatment sectors, among others. The company's warehouses, stockyards, and sales offices in Dammam, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dubai are unrivalled in their scale and the variety of products offered. They have become points of rapid distribution for hundreds of commodity and specialty chemicals, and its own fleet of long haul and local delivery vehicles and relations with transporters across the region guarantees BCI’s commitment to supply and deliver 360 days a year to its customers irrespective of location.

BCI and its affiliates offer products and services for many specialized fields, including

  • Activated carbon
  • Catalysts
  • Decontamination chemicals and services
  • Detergents & disinfectants
  • Food & dairy chemicals
  • Galvanizing chemicals
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Ion exchange resins
  • Minerals
  • Paint & ink additives
  • Pigments & pastes
  • Process chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Specialty adhesives
  • Swimming pool chemicals.