Al Kathiri Holding Company

Building Supplies for a Sustainable Future

Al Kathiri Holding Company

Established in 2008 as a start-up with a small workforce and capital of SAR 90,000 Al Kathiri Holding has grown its operations rapidly in recent years, increasing its capital to SAR 45 million today. The company, through its subsidiaries, manufactures materials for construction companies to supply cement for mega-projects in Saudi Arabia.

Meshal Mohammed Al Kathiri

CEO, Al Kathiri Holding Company

“The success we’ve witnessed and accomplished over the past 10 years is a huge motivating factor for us,” said Meshal Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri, Chief Executive Officer of Al Kathiri Holding Company. “Al Kathiri Holding’s success is a testament to every single employee, as they ensure that the company’s mission and vision are deeply embedded in every step we take,”

Commenting on the importance of the Saudi Exchange, Al Kathiri said, “We must also recognize the important role the Capital Market Authority played in simplifying processes to allow start-ups to easily enter the market by expanding additional opportunities for start-ups.”

Continued growth is a primary objective for Al Kathiri, with the CEO focused on delivering a business plan to expand its operations by entering new partnerships and capitalizing on new technologies. Sustainable development is a key focus, with the aim of minimizing its environmental impact in various sectors including real estate development, concrete production, and building construction techniques.

Speaking of combining technology and social responsibility, Al Kathiri said, “As part of our efforts to become more environmentally aware and socially responsible, we are adopting new construction technologies which help reduce our carbon footprint. Our aim is to evolve traditional techniques into new, modern technologies and implement them into our systems that will support our goal of pollution reduction.”

The success we’ve witnessed and accomplished over the past 10 years is a huge motivating factor for us

Sustainability is a key metric of success for Al Kathiri and the company has taken various steps to support its ESG efforts, including the use of ready-mixed concrete. Adopting this material has helped reduce Al Kathiri’s carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the company is committed to completely transitioning to a paperless office environment by 2021.

Recognizing the business’ commitment to local communities, Al Kathiri has signed up for the 2020 Social Responsibility Goals, which includes setting aside 10 percent of revenues to support families with limited incomes. Additionally, Al Kathiri is partnering with the Ministry of Housing to build a factory that will focus on developing high-quality social housing.

Al Kathiri explained the company’s use of new technology to bring benefits to customers saying, “Regarding construction technology, we are working on adopting a new housing technology application in 2020, which will allow customers to manage the construction of a house without being physically present at the construction site.”

Aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030, Al Kathiri Holding is committed to creating additional job opportunities, educating talent, and reducing the unemployment rate. The organization believes that fostering and supporting local Saudi talent is vital to building an enriched and diverse economy.

10% Of revenues to be set aside to support families with limited incomes

As a company dedicated to the adoption of modern technology, it creates training courses and workshops catering to young Saudi talent to teach them how to operate new technology. Al Kathiri takes pride in the collective nature of its business, recognizing that every employee is a leader in their own right.

Looking ahead, Al Kathiri Holding continues to set larger goals to support its development and expansion across the country. “We are still a growing company and have only achieved 30 percent of our objectives so far. However, being listed on the Saudi Exchange main market has eased the process of organic and inorganic expansion and motivated us to push beyond our boundaries” Al Kathiri said. “I am excited for what’s coming ahead and the opportunities that will arise as the Saudi Exchange becomes internationally recognized.”

Al Kathiri Holding Company is a leading supplier of building materials in Saudi Arabia and operates across the Kingdom through its subsidiary companies Msandh El Emdad Company and Alian Industry Company. It plays a crucial role in development by supplying the high-quality products needed for a sustainable future.

Msandh El Emdad Company transports, distributes, and sells cement and basic building materials, such as cement, gravel, and various types of sand throughout the Kingdom, with a particular focus on the Central and Western regions. It has also received the Real Estate Developer certificate from the Ministry of Housing’s Off-plan Sales or Rent Program, which aims to market and sell real estate units before or during development.

Alian Industry Company manages the production and sale of ready-mixed concrete from the Al Kathiri Holding Concrete Factory. It has also obtained approval from the Ministry of Housing for its concrete slab production technology. As a result, it is working with Italian company Emmedue on the construction of a factory in Sudair with a capacity of 1 million square meters of concrete panels annually.

Al Kathiri Holding Company’s goal is to establish long-term strategic partnerships with customers for mutual success. It has succeeded in building ever closer relationships with them by using the best technology and the latest manufacturing and production equipment to ensure the quality of its products and services. At the same time, the business continues to improve its processes to rationalize costs and increase operational efficiency.

Its goal to provide the best trade and transport solutions that ensure safe and efficient, on-time delivery is underpinned by rigorous after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Al Kathiri Holding Company

We consider our employees to be our greatest asset. Providing space for creativity in a healthy work environment, attracting expertise and supporting team spirit is key to the company’s ongoing success.

About the company

Al Kathiri Holding Company was established as a sole proprietorship in Riyadh on August 31, 2008. It was initially listed under the name of Mohammed Nasser Al Kathiri Contracting Company in the Commercial Register No. 1010255690, with a capital of 100,000 Saudi riyals. Through the efforts of its employees under management direction during a record period, the company’s business has evolved into a public joint stock company. On April 23, 2019, the Extraordinary General Assembly approved a capital increase of SAR 45.2m enabling the company’s listing and trading of shares on the main market on November 03, 2019.

The capital of Al Kathiri Holding Company has increased from: (45,208,800) million Saudi riyals to (90,417,600) million Saudi riyals.

Company vision

  • Lifelong aspiration to develop and become the leading company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by attracting the latest technologies and expertise to keep pace with the development witnessed in the market.
  • Providing and sharing our experiences in the field of building and reconstruction strategy to serve the nation.

Msandh Al Emdad Company

This wholly owned company was established by Al Kathiri Holding Company on March 11, 2017 in Riyadh with a self-financed capital of SAR 1 million. Msandh Al Emdad provides logistical services and supports the transportation and contracting sector. The company was awarded a qualification as a real estate developer which put it on the map.

Alian Industrial Company

Al Kathiri Holding Company closed Alian Industrial Company on August 6, 2018. Official procedures within the Ministry of Trade and Investment converted its branches into a one-person limited company wholly owned by Al Kathiri Holding Company. Named “Alian Industrial Company” with a capital of SAR 10 million, self-financed from the company’s own resources to support its future plans, it works to provide the market with ready-mixed and green concrete.

The new factory in Sudair will have the capacity to produce one million square meters of concrete panels a year

Alian building technology factory

In the search for smart solutions for future building techniques, Al Kathiri formed an alliance, under the guidance of management, with the Italian company, Emmedue. To facilitate the transfer of building technologies, we began the establishment of the Alian Factory for Modern Building Technology in industrial cities such as Sudair. It will open at Q4 2020 and will serve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through:

  • Saving time and costs while increasing quality.
  • Preserving the environment through the use of building technology.
  • Developing and creating a world-class workforce to provide innovative products and solutions.
  • Creating job opportunities for the people of the country, as well as offering training and qualifications for a promising future.
  • Setting standards and qualifying contractors to use modern construction technology.
  • Fast completion and suitability for mega-projects and direction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Flexibility to use with all types of construction (villas, hospitals, multi-story buildings, malls, etc.)
  • Sustainability and a reduction in energy waste,
  • Getting approval for technology from the Ministry of Housing.