Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS)


Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS)

  • Year company founded: 2008
  • Number of employees: 8,955
  • Market capitalization: SAR 6.03 billion

Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS) provides ground services to all domestic and international flights across 28 airports in Saudi Arabia to ensure a flawless travel experience for local and foreign travelers. SGS provides its services to Saudi Arabian Airlines, the national carrier, as well as other local airlines such as flynas, flyadeal, Nesma Airlines, and SaudiGulf Airlines. SGS also provides its services to more than 100 airlines flying to and from Saudi Arabia.

The company was created in 2008 to meet the challenge posed by the growth of air travel in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia’s previous ground-handling companies – Saudi Arabian Airline Ground Services, National Handling Services, and Attar Ground Handling – were amalgamated to create an integrated and highly efficient operation that serves 700,000 flights a year, including regular and charter flights, private aviation, and royal flights.

SGS provides its services in compliance with international operational standards and with a high level of safety as defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Safety IATA Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO). The company’s services include passenger services, baggage handling, ramp services, cargo loading and off-loading, fleet cleaning services, traffic control, and ground transport. SGS is certified under the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Safety Audit for Ground Operations.

SGS is led by Engr. Khalid Alboainain, Board Chairman, and Mr. Raed Al-Idrissi, acting CEO, and has around 10,000 employees. Recognizing the essential role of training to enable excellent performance, the management established an in-house IATA-approved training facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art learning tools to help trainees gain a comprehensive understanding of all ground handling activities. Training programs are also developed in collaboration with the IATA and various airlines as appropriate.

About SGS

Today’s airline passengers expect a flawless travel experience from check-in to take-off. Saudi Ground Services (SGS) is committed to delivering such an experience at all 28 airports in Saudi Arabia. SGS’ services range from face-to-face passenger assistance to the seamless execution of hundreds of complex behind-the-scenes operations that keep the aircraft flying, to keeping passengers and their possessions together. SGS ensures the highest standards for 700,000 flights a year.

Who we are

SGS is the driving force behind the efficient, safe, and courteous ground-handling of passengers and aircraft in Saudi Arabia.

It is committed to being a benchmark company with high standards for service and reliability that are second to none.

SGS provides comprehensive care for airline passengers and delivers essential services at 28 airports in Saudi Arabia to keep airlines and passengers moving.

SGS operates in all 28 of Saudi Arabia’s airports

What we do

SGS provides ground-handling services to its customers from 109 local and international airlines (regular and charter flights, private aviation, and royal flights) at all 28 airports in the Kingdom.

Providing the highest standards to all of its customers across its network is a formidable challenge that the company relishes.

Company History

SGS is the national provider of ground-handling services to the aviation sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation “Saudia” initially formed SGS to consolidate the ground support services business in the Kingdom.

The demands of growing air travel in Saudi Arabia required an integrated and highly efficient ground-handling operation.

The three ground-handling service companies already in operation at the time, Saudi Arabian Airline Ground Services (SAAGS), National Handling Services (NHS), and Attar Ground Handling (Attar Travel Co), each had a commendable track record of delivering high quality service to their customers.

The three companies amalgamated under the name Saudi Ground Services Company in 2011, consolidating their approach into one corporate culture based on excellence and a commitment to all of its customers from major airlines to individual travelers.

700,000 Flights a year served by SGS

Our Services

SGS provides premier aviation ground-handling services 24/7 to both local and international airlines at each of the 28 airports in Saudi Arabia. The company’s first-rate facilities, equipment, and staff ensure the smooth transition of passengers and cargo, stay mindful of safety and security, and ensure travelers and their goods are fully served at every step, from aircraft to destination.


Hospitality is deeply ingrained in Saudi culture. As the national ground-handling service provider, SGS considers interactions between passengers and staff to be very important. The company encourages all its employees to remember that they never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Meeting passengers’ needs before or after a flight is the company’s driving passion.


  • Arrival and transfer services
  • Check-in services
  • Passenger manifests & seat allocation
  • Boarding pass & baggage tagging
  • Dedicated passenger services
  • Station management
  • Gate services
  • Assisting passengers with reduced mobility
  • VIP services
  • Passenger temperature check with contactless thermometer in compliance with the regulations of local authorities.


As a ground service provider, we at SGS understand the importance of providing reliable, efficient, and safe baggage handling services in building a strong relationship with our customers, and in turn, with passengers.

Services include:

  • Baggage sorting and transportation
  • Loading and offloading
  • Lost and found service.


Airlines require rapid and precise turnaround times to meet their schedules and maximize the economic viability of their operations.

The mechanical sophistication of aircraft systems demands highly trained and experienced teams of specialist personnel and equipment to maintain the aircraft in a safe and airworthy condition.

SGS has the manpower and facilities, and maintains the highest standards of operation to complete the numerous overlapping service processes on time and to meet these required standards and coordinate with the schedules of our airline customers.

These services include:

  • Aircraft loading/offloading of cargo, mail, and passenger luggage
  • Ground power unit (GPU)
  • Push-back
  • Unit load device control (ULD)
  • Technical support functions
  • Air conditioning unit (ACU)
  • Air starter unit (ASU)
  • Aircraft towing
  • Ground to cockpit headset service


Cargo services, including warehouse handling (except loading and offloading) are provided by Saudi Arabian Airlines Cargo at all airports in Saudi Arabia. However, SGS handles the supervision, loading, unloading, and transportation of general cargo and special cargo with its own supply of specialized equipment and specially trained staff.

Fleet Solutions:

A central element of the passenger experience is the quality of the aircraft cabin environment. To ensure cabins are clean and comfortable, the SGS fleet solutions team provides an around-the-clock cabin preparation service for hundreds of thousands of flights per year across international and local airports.

The company provides a host of services, including:

  • Cabin grooming and deep cleaning
  • Turnaround cleaning
  • Cabin sterilization services
  • Toilet and water services.


SGS manages ground-handling operations at every Saudi Arabian airport. The company monitors arrival and departure schedules on behalf of its customers and coordinates requisite turnaround activities efficiently and safely.

SGS offers air-to-ground services around the clock, supportive flight preparations at a point different from the airport of departure, and excellent en-route flight assistance. Additionally, SGS monitors flights to ensure they are flying safely.


To help passengers travel from airports to their final destinations, SGS established Saudi Al Amad for Airport Services and Air Transport Support (SAAS), which manages and operates transportation at all major airports around the Kingdom.

Services include:

  • Dedicated passenger and crew transportation between aircraft and terminal
  • Medical lift for people with reduced mobility


Saudi Ground Services Company has a training and development academy that is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an authorized training center (ATC) and regional training partner (RTP) to provide IATA courses. It is also approved by GACA to provide some of the training programs, including the DGR program and ramp driving licenses. The training academy has developed a number of training programs, including operational and administrative courses. It has also developed training curricula in line with GACA requirements and IATA standards to meet the company’s operational and non-operational staff requirements, including but not limited to:

Operational Programs:

The training academy offers a variety of operational training programs that allow employees to develop their skills and qualifications at all airports in the Kingdom. These programs include training front-line staff on airport passenger terminal systems and passenger handling, in addition to operating all ramp equipment.

Administrative Programs:

The training academy provides a number of administrative and soft skills courses to raise the level of staff performance, including: organizational skills, work ethic, time management, customer service, communication skills, training and guidance, personal productivity, teamwork and team building, middle management, leadership and impact, meeting, and management.


To facilitate the delivery of training courses without affecting the operation, the training academy has developed an e-learning program to provide operational courses for all operation staff so that employees can attend online training courses from any site, at any time.

Operating Systems:

In order to facilitate the training process, the training academy applies the Leaning Management System (LMS) to save information and complete all training tasks.