Saudi Ceramics


Saudi Ceramics

  • Year company founded: 1977
  • Number of employees: 4,430   
  • Market capitalization:  SAR 4.24 billion

The company has more than 45 years of experience in the industrial field, which made it gain leadership in the local and regional industry. The company has 14 factories equipped with the latest production technologies through automation and digitization of factories. The company plays a key role in the building and construction sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has obtained many local and international quality certificates.

The Saudi Ceramic Company was established in 1977, and it is a Saudi joint stock company that enjoys fame and experience in the industrial field, and it is one of the first Saudi companies listed on the stock exchange “Tadawul”. The company owns a number of brands, where its produce tiles, sanitary ware, water heaters, plastic and accessories, PODs, and red bricks, in addition to the mining activity. The company uses modern and advanced technologies in the field of manufacturing, which ensures its continued leadership and access to more quality certificates.

The Saudi Ceramic Company also has multiple sales channels on a large scale inside and outside the Kingdom, covering the needs of the wholesale sector and projects, in addition to owning local showrooms throughout the Kingdom and exports its products to many countries of the world.

Within the framework of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, the company seeks to contribute to achieving the goals aimed at transforming the Kingdom into a leading industrial power. The company is also committed to the Saudization project by providing job opportunities for Saudis at the level of technical and managerial jobs. The company also exports its products in an effort to enhance export activity and contribute to national economic development.

Saudi Ceramic Company operates advanced industrial production facilities covering 14 factories with an area of one million square meters

Company Strategy

Saudi Ceramics, through its vision and strategy, seeks to continue to be a pioneer in providing construction solutions and striving to launch a variety of products with a focus on employing the latest technologies in all its factories to ensure the application of the best industrial practices and the highest quality standards to ensure achieving the aspirations of investors by focusing on growth, sustainability, increasing shareholder returns and active participation in achieving Kingdom vision 2030.

Company Products

Saudi Ceramic Company operates through its diversified factories in five main sectors:

  • Ceramic and porcelain sector: The Ceramic Company is one of the largest local and regional producers.
  • Sanitary Ware sector: Saudi Ceramic owns the largest sanitary ware factory in the Kingdom to produce a variety of sanitary ware.
  • Water Heater sector: Saudi Ceramic Company is the third largest producer in the world in the production of water heaters of all kinds, including solar and central heaters. In addition to the various sizes of vertical and horizontal water heaters.
  • Plastics and Fittings sector: It is one of the sectors that complement the company's various industries with the aim of achieving integration in manufacturing.
  • Red brick and mining sector: It is part of the company's manufacturing activity, and mining is one of the sources of supply for raw materials.

ESG Practices

The company works on adopting the best standards of governance and building the relationship between the company’s management, employees, suppliers, creditors, and shareholders and gaining their trust through the effective practice of governance and strengthening the concept of control and compliance within the company. The company also adopts a framework that ensures sustainability and the application of the concept of social responsibility.

"Saudi Ceramics" has more than 50 showrooms in the Kingdom and exports to 80 countries around the world

The Company's Sales Channels

The company was able to reach large segments of customers through the expansion and diversification of the various sales channels. The company has five main channels of wholesale to major distributors and project sales, which cater to the expansion needs of the public and private sectors. As well as the export channel, which covers nearly 80 countries around the world, in addition to retail sales through more than 50 showrooms in the Kingdom, as well as online sales. The presence of these channels has helped to enhance the presence of the company's products and increase its market share locally and globally.

Development and Training

Saudi Ceramics Company continues its endeavors to develop and design its products in innovative and diversified ways with its commitment to ensuring the high quality of its products to maintain its market share, increase its spread and enhance its leading position in the field of construction and building solutions. In light of the growth and development, the company paid great attention to development and investment in human capital through the establishment of the "Ceramic Academy" and working to support and develop national cadres.