Maharah Human Resources Company


Maharah Human Resources Company

  • Year company founded: 2013
  • Number of employees: 500-1,000
  • Market capitalization: SAR 2.7 billion

Maharah aims to lead the human resources sector by providing comprehensive and integrated solutions that ensure client success, protect employees’ rights, and support national development. Maharah deploys foreign manpower for corporate, public sector, and household customers, and sources a wide range of professional, skilled, and unskilled people – often through its strategic relationships with more than 60 global recruitment agencies.

Maharah primarily serves two customer segments: the corporate segment, which it provides with professional staffing (physicians, nurses, computer programmers, accountants and salesmen) and workforce solutions (technicians, factory workers, and general labor).

The second segment is household customers, which the company provide with housekeepers, private drivers, and personal assistants.

Since its foundation in 2013, Maharah has sourced more than 90,000 individuals across more than 200 professions, reflecting the scale of the company’s operations. The company holds a leading position in the Saudi Arabian human resources sector, in part because it provides well-qualified individuals with different backgrounds and experience, and because of its ability to meet very large manpower requirements.

It provides a wide range of professionals for its clients, from physicians, nurses, financial analysts, and computer programmers to waiters, drivers, and housekeepers.

Stable economic growth has led to an increase in demand for manpower, while several Vision 2030 programs are providing fertile conditions for growth.

Maharah is ideally placed to take advantage of these conditions because of its large distribution and support infrastructure. This includes 22 branches across 11 cities in the Kingdom and strong relationships in countries such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Maharah is powered by its speed in deploying human resources, the flexibility of its contracts, and its experience in the healthcare industry.

The company also has a diverse and growing client base to whom it provides easier access to work visas. It is also one of the first human resource companies to meet the growing demand for part-time household services.

Maharah has strategic partnerships with more than 45 global recruitment agencies

The company has a clear strategy to expand its value proposition and go beyond manpower supply to become a fully-fledged HR company. Maharah is also at the forefront of recruitment technology, recently investing in BLOOVO Ltd, an innovative online recruitment platform that uses data science and advanced algorithms to match jobseekers with employers.

In addition, Maharah supports the community by providing discounts on its services for certain groups of people, including those with special needs, retired government officials, divorced women, and widows.

Maharah has several competitive advantages that have enabled the business to grow rapidly since its inception and provide a strong foundation for future growth. These advantages include:

(a) Market leadership and scale

With more than 20 branches across 11 cities in the Kingdom, Maharah is one of the largest human resources companies in Saudi Arabia. The company’s leading position in the industry is a result of its strong brand and reputation, which are built on the following:

  • The quality and diversity of its manpower resources in terms of qualifications, nationalities, experience, and backgrounds
  • An efficient process for deploying manpower resources
  • The ability to fulfill the large manpower resources requirements of clients that smaller human resource companies cannot handle
  • Support services that the company provides to both clients and manpower resources throughout the duration of their contracts
  • Flexibility in providing clients with contracts of different durations
  • Effective interaction and communication with clients through periodical visits
  • Excellent relationships with countries from which manpower resources are recruited, embassies, and recruitment agencies
  • Specialized experience in the healthcare industry, which has a more stringent recruitment and deployment process
  • A robust technological platform that supports the company’s business model
  • A history of enabling positive client experiences

75,000 The amount of individuals Maharah has sourced since 2013 yearly

(b) Access to diversified range of work visas

Any company operating in the Kingdom that wishes to hire foreign manpower needs to go through a lengthy process, but Maharah offers a readily available supply of visas. The company’s inventory includes work visas for different professions and nationalities, which the company can arrange on short notice.

(c) Diversified and growing client base

Maharah has developed strong relationships with its diversified client base, which is not limited to a particular industry or geographic location. In the corporate segment, the company’s clients operate in various sectors including retail, healthcare, industrial and maintenance, hospitality, and the commercial industry. In the household segment, Maharah has provided services to more than 65,000 clients, including more than 35,000 clients through “Khidmah” Program.

(d) Wide spectrum of manpower resources

The company provides a wide range of professional, skilled, and unskilled manpower resources. Professions supplied by the company include physicians, nurses, marketing specialists, salesmen, financial analysts, computer programmers, system analysts, technicians, waiters, drivers, housekeepers, construction manpower resources, etc.

(e) Large distribution and support infrastructure

  • Nationwide Branch Network: Maharah has 20 branches in 10 cities across the Kingdom.
  • Strategic Relationships with Recruitment Agencies: The company has strong relationships with many recruitment agencies in different countries such as India, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This allows the company to recruit the most qualified manpower resources in different fields through a systematic method that includes interviewing and testing. The company has also developed criteria to evaluate recruitment agencies, assessing processing time, quality of staff, and effectiveness in solving any problems that arise after the recruitment process. In addition, the scale of Maharah’s operations provides it with a strong negotiating position with recruitment agencies.
  • Relationships with Embassies: To attract foreign workers, the company maintains a strong business relationship with embassies in the Kingdom. The company has a dedicated team that schedules regular meetings with embassy officials to discuss relevant matters and resolve any issues related to company recruitment.
  • Automated Systems: The company has developed in-house software solutions and mobile applications to build a database of client and manpower resources information, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and serving clients through multiple platforms. The company has improved its systems gradually and it now serves both clients and manpower resources electronically.

(f) Dedicated manpower resources care team

The company has a dedicated team that caters to the needs of its manpower resources, provides them with information and services, and ensures that they work in a safe environment. This care team serves all manpower resources through a care center consisting of both a call center that provides assistance in multiple languages, and a mobile application that serves manpower resources directly. Moreover, the company has adopted policies to protect its staff and ensure their safety and security at all times.