Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Services Company (ALDREES)

Advanced Petroleum and Transport Solutions

Aldrees Petroleum & Transport Services Company (ALDREES)

Established in 1962, ALDREES’ two main divisions include Petroleum Services and Logistics & Transport Services. From a humble beginning of owning a few stations and fleet, ALDREES has become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading petroleum retailers and a leader in transport, haulage and logistics. The company has grown exponentially since its listing in 2006, seeing its market capitalization increase from SAR200 million at its IPO to SAR600 million in 2019.

Abdulelah Bin Saad Al-Drees


Abdulelah Bin Saad Al-Drees, CEO of ALDREES, said, “Our business operations are geared to what the market demands as we continue to strive to be the undisputed leader in the Petroleum Retail Market in Saudi Arabia in terms of size, excellent service and technology.”

ALDREES aims to be the leading multi-commodity transport, haulage and logistics services provider in the Kingdom. Al-Drees takes pride in his workforce and noted that his employees “are one of the company’s great assets. All together, we work productively to fulfill the company’s vision and thus generate the best equity returns for our shareholders.”

The company is committed to innovation and recently introduced the first and only Radio Frequency Infra-Red (RFID)-equipped fuel pumps in Saudi Arabia, offering cashless automatic refueling to its customers, in addition to shifting to fully digital fuel pumps and contactless payments across all its service stations.

The Saudi Exchange is doing an outstanding job of welcoming potential foreign investors and opening the Saudi market to offshore companies

ALDREEES also extended its transport/hauling and logistics operations, where its fleet management system has been enhanced by having all its trucks equipped with GPS and automated tire management functionalities.

As part of Vision 2030’s aims to increase the representation of Saudi nationals in the local workforce, ALDREES is committed to recruiting young local talent, commenting, “Our ambition is to help create future leaders and movers of the thriving economy that lies at the heart of the Kingdom’s vision.”

13%Average annual growth rate in service station network

The company considers the internationalization of the Saudi capital market very promising and is especially impressed by the Saudi Exchange's progress opening to foreign investors, “The Saudi Exchange is doing an outstanding job of welcoming potential foreign investors and opening the Saudi market to offshore companies. We see this as a great opportunity to diligently expand our operations and diversify into new ventures given a promising and robust market.”

The company’s long-term goal for its Petroleum Services arm is to provide total convenience to all motorists serving as a one-stop haven to refuel, rest and relax. In addition, it aims to provide comprehensive transport solutions with a wide array of fleet and a full services logistics portfolio for its Transport/Hauling Logistics Services.

Operating the business in a socially responsible manner is a priority for ALDREES, as it recently began its shift toward reducing its carbon footprint in service stations, from incorporating LED light fixtures to fuel pump automations, while also replacing heavy-duty vehicles to comply with the required carbon emission standards.

ALDREES believes that integrating technological advancement into all its business units will drive sustainable business growth. It has invested heavily in research and development for its IT unit.

ALDREES highlights the rapid change in the sector and welcomes recent moves to open the local market to international firms, “We look forward with optimism to seeing new players in the field, both local and international entities, help expand options for the consuming public, and we expect the wider sector will play an important role in fulfilling the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company operates 441 service stations and offers haulage and distribution solutions, integrated logistics, customs clearance services, warehouse management and leasing, and provides special yards for containers. The company’s logistics centers are strategically located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Yanbu, Jubail, Jizan Haditha and Wa’ad Al Shamal.

Being listed on the Saudi Exchange strengthened ALDREES' position in a competitive sector. The listing not only enables ALDREES to raise essential capital, but also provides valuable evidence of ALDREES' strong corporate governance that attracts high-quality customers. While this is an advantage, the company maintains a focus on innovation to stay ahead of its competitors.

It was the first company in the Kingdom to adopt an electronic fueling system using radio frequency identification technology and equip all service stations with contactless payment systems. Through its fleet management technology, trucks are fitted with GPS and automated tire management and it also introduced a highly efficient logistics and warehouse management system. The company has also developed further smart initiatives in market research analysis, IT systems and staff training.

Sustainability is central to ALDREES’ growth plans. In line with Vision 2030’s commitment to reducing pollution, ALDREES has sought to limit its carbon footprint by introducing a range of clean technologies at its service stations. It has also taken steps to reduce carbon emissions from its transport fleet, with vehicles recalibrated or replaced to comply with carbon emissions standards.

With its values of commitment to professionalism, quality and safety, ALDREES prides itself on its dedicated people, who strive for continuous growth. This highly motivated workforce is a key ingredient of the company’s success, and their training and development are an important priority. In fact, ALDREES is committed to recruiting young, local talent to its workforce, in order to create future leaders who will form the backbone of the national development plan.

ALDREES Petroleum Services

With 580 Petrol Service Stations across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ALDREES Petroleum Services has the biggest network of petroleum service stations in the country. It caters to private companies and government agencies in the fuel supply and services contract (off-site & on-site). The strategic locations of service stations offer a one-stop shop for an array of services for motorists and travelers from smart fueling services, car maintenance, tires and oil change, to convenience stores, restaurants and ATM’s.

As a technology-driven company, ALDREES Petroleum Services is the first in the Kingdom to integrate and implement radio frequency identification (RFID) fueling through a WAIE system. It initiated the shift to fully digitized fuel pumps and contactless payments.

With an average annual growth of 13 percent in its service station network, ALDREES remains the undisputed leader in the Kingdom’s petroleum retail market in terms of size, excellent service and technology. ALDREES looks forward to aggressively serving the robust market's demand as the country moves toward the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and beyond.

ALDREES Transport & Logistics Services

The all-time high market demands of multi-commodity, bulk transportation/hauling and logistics services are keeping ALDREES Transport & Logistic Services moving day in and day out.

With a 3,725 fleet comprised of world-class trucks (Mercedes, Volvo, MAN) operated by highly professional cadres trained to ensure high quality and safety, ALDREES Transport is one of the prime movers delivering multi-commodity products to every corner of the Kingdom.

The Transport/Hauling & Logistics business is run through a Fleet Management system (all trucks are equipped with GPS and automated tire management functionalities), and a highly efficient Logistics `and Warehouse Management System. The company’s business processes are ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and RC 14001 fully certified.

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 will take ALDREES Transport/Hauling & Logistics Services to new heights as the company consistently meets market demands for logistical services through its comprehensive transport solutions, wide array of fleet, and full service logistics portfolio.