Saudi Company for Hardware


Saudi Company for Hardware

  • Year company founded: 1984
  • Number of employees: 2,000
  • Market capitalization: SAR 2.09 billion

Founded in 1984 and considered the largest provider of home improvement products in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Company for Hardware (SACO) operates 35 stores in 19 cities. They include five superstores, each occupying between 2,350 and 24,500 square meters and offering more than 45,000 different products.

In 2015, SACO became a publicly listed company, which has played an important role in cementing trust in the brand by offering customers transparency about its goals and achievements. To make its large operation even more efficient, it recently acquired the logistics service provider Medscan Terminal.

SACO is also committed to keeping pace with advances in technology. Its innovation and investment in e-commerce technologies enable it to cater to changing customer demands and put it on a strong footing to face the ongoing retail challenge of customers moving online.

The company’s strategy reflects its commitment to Vision 2030. By striving to unlock the talent of young Saudi men and women, SACO is feeding the Quality of Life Program, which includes job creation among its objectives. The company is working hard to provide opportunities for its 2000 employees – made up of male and female talent – and is encouraging their development through an advanced training center that offers a variety of educational programs.

Its efforts in water and power conservation also complement the National Transformation Program, whose objectives include providing sustainable access to water resources and reducing pollution.

SACO is led by Mr. Haytham Alhamidi along with the executive management team and board of directors.

Saudi Company for Hardware operates 35 stores in 19 cities in the KSA

2000Employees at the company

Founded in 1985, SACO is a native Saudi company that offers unique, competitive, and finely tailored solutions and products geared toward their customers’ most important asset: their home. SACO caters to the needs of homeowners, offering an impressive offering of product and service solutions, with an unblinking focus on practicality and a meticulous attention to detail that compels many satisfied customers to return time after time.

The company employs over 2,000 professionals in 35 retail locations, spread across 19 different cities in KSA. With over 45,000 products imported from quality manufacturers around the globe, as well as a premium array of services, from home improvement to installation-on-delivery, SACO is a pioneering force in the Saudi retail market.

Today, the company’s e-commerce operations are up-to-par with its rock-solid offline foundations, as SACO continuously reinvents its structure and know-how in order to continuously thrive, grow, and innovate within a rapidly evolving social, cultural, and economic ecosystem.