Abdullah Saad Mohammed Abo Moati for Bookstores Co.


Abdullah Saad Mohammed Abo Moati for Bookstores Co.

  • Year company founded: 1994
  • Number of employees: 219
  • Market capitalization: SAR 1.07 billion

Founded in 1994, Abdullah Saad Mohammed Abo Moati for Bookstores Co. is one of the leading stationery companies in Saudi Arabia. As the owner of several leading brands in this sector – including Prima, Donia, and iLahui – it sells a huge range of products including school and office stationery products, education, culture, and reference books, ink, educational tools, packaging, gifts, and computer supplies. It sells these items on both a wholesale and retail basis.

The company merged with Muhammed Rashed Alduwish Company (a longstanding name in the stationery business) and became a closed joint stock company in 2008. In 2012, it acquired Almauja Trading Est, which specialized in distributing HP and Cannon office supplies. 5 years later, Abo Moati listed on the Saudi Exchange, reflecting its growing strength and ambition.

Led by CEO Mohamaad Abdullah AboMoati and Chief Financial Officer Kamel Mohamaad Abu Rajab, the company’s listing is a key part of its strategy to finance expansion, enhance its name in the marketplace, and increase marketing and sales. It is also diversifying its investments to reduce risk, focusing on retail and franchising, and targeting new markets including all major regions of Saudi Arabia.

A key part of the company’s strategy is developing its enterprise resource planning system, which helps ensure a high level of control by linking departments, subsidiaries, and branches. This system also provides high-quality information to aid decision-making. It is part of ongoing improvements to internal systems that promise to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Our vision

Abo Moati aims to make its products the preferred choice for consumers by leading the targeted markets and offering premium quality products.

Our mission

Providing high value and high quality school stationery, office supplies, ink, and accessories that meet its consumers’ needs.

Our strategy

The company aims to maintain its annual revenue growth driven by its core investments, enabled by a set of long-term strategic goals, which are:

  • Finance the company’s expansions, enhance the company’s name in the market, and increase marketing and selling.
  • Diversify investments to reduce risks.
  • Focus on retailing and franchising.
  • Expand into new markets and cover all major regions of KSA by opening new branches.
  • Upgrade and develop the ERP system that links various departments, subsidiaries, and branches to secure a higher level of control, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and provide information that guides the decision-making process.
  • Continuously improve and develop internal systems to better control the company’s operations.

Abo Moati’s brands include Prime, Donia, and iLahui